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Newsletter 3rd World Conference of Women’s Shelters – October 2015


Queen Máxima and Crown Princess Mary to speak at World Conference

Queen Maxima

Her Majesty Queen Máxima will make a speech on Wednesday 4 November at the 3rd World Conference of Women’s Shelters at the World Forum in The Hague. The main theme on the morning of 4 November is economic independence, the basis on which women faced with domestic violence can build a new and independent life.

Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary of Denmark will also attend the conference on Wednesday. Through The Mary Foundation she works to help women and children who are victims of violence. The foundation is organising two conference workshops, and Crown Princess Mary will speak on Thursday 5 November.

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Speaker: BRAVE MISS WORLD, Linor Abargil

Linor Abargil

We are very pleased to announce BRAVE MISS WORLD, Linor Abargil, as part of the Opening program of the 3rd World Conference of Women’s Shelters.

Israeli beauty queen Linor Abargil was abducted and raped in Milan, Italy two months before being crowned Miss World in 1998. Ten years later, she’s ready to talk about it - and to encourage others to speak out. Now a globe-trotting victims’ advocate, Linor encourages others to stand against sexual violence by putting an end to their silence.

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Achieving Post-Divorce Safety

Post-Divorce Safety

What we can learn to de-escalate high-conflict divorce after intimate partner violence.

How can post-divorce safety be enhanced by de-escalating high-conflict divorce after partner violence? This is an urgent question with international relevance that social professionals and police authorities’ alike struggle to answer as our awareness of intimate partner violence prior to and after the finalization of divorce increases. It is crucial that we share with each other’s insights, stories, and research from all over the world about post-divorce danger. Such research indicates that women in violent relationships are especially endangered in the period of post-divorce, when the frequency of severe violence escalates.

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Join Trust Women this year

Join Trust

World Conference of Women Shelters is delighted to be supporting the Trust Women Conference this year. The two-day event brings together global corporations, lawyers, government representatives, and pioneers in the field of women’s rights and anti-slavery. Trust Women is committed to find real solutions to empower women and to fight slavery worldwide. The event is attended by those in the frontlines but also global corporations, lawyers and government representatives, which the aim to forge tangible commitments to empower women worldwide.

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Rabobank Foundation is to contribute to the 3rd World Conference of Women’s Shelter

Rabobank Foundation

The Rabobank’s social fund will speak of the importance of economic empowerment both in developing countries and in the Netherlands.

Rabobank Foundation is committed to empowering people in need worldwide. The fund makes donations and loans to organisations that are aligned with its mission and provides assistance in the form of expertise, also through the Rabobank network.

Economic empowerment in India

India is one of the countries where Rabobank Foundation is active. In rural India a large portion of the population lives below the poverty line. Women are often especially disadvantaged. To improve the position of women in Nizamabad, a dairy cooperative known as the Intivelugu Mahila Dairy (IMD) was set up.

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A performance installation by Adelheid Roosen

Dutch theatre maker Adelheid Roosen and her theatre companies Zinaplatform & Adelheid|Female Economy shun no subject in their work: honour killings, domestic violence, Alzheimer’s disease, sexuality in the Islamic world - everything can and must be presented in the public domain. Whirling through neighbourhoods and working with artists young and old, they meet new faces that become the inspiration for an ongoing quest aimed at changing the perspective that we have of the Other, the apparent stranger.

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Veiled monologues

12 years after the premiere in Amsterdam, via Belgium and New York, passing by Cairo and Berlin over Ankara and Paris through France and Canada, the performance Veiled Monologues resumes its tour especially for the 3rd World Conference of Women’s Shelters in The Hague.

Women with a Muslim background living in the Netherlands are getting a lot of attention, whether they want it or not. But what do we actually know about them?

This was the question Dutch director Adelheid Roosen asked herself; a question, it turns out, that is still pertinent. Did we immerse ourselves in their stories, their rituals, their beauty and their pain?

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Call out for Rotarians attending conference


Two Rotarians from Melbourne, Australia are attending the conference and are interested in catching up with other Rotarians for dinner, fellowship and to discuss the development of an International Family Safety Action group. In order to facilitate an International Action group five members are required from five different countries. If you are a Rotarian and interested in catching up for dinner on Thursday 5th November at 6.30pm (venue to be advised) please email Jeanine Jones at to express your interest.